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Hairy Crab Singapore Collboration

To celebrate Hairy Crab Singapore new online retail shop, we are offering their customers 

15% off these selected wine bundles.

Hairy Crab Singapore direct imports their hairy crabs from Lake Tai in China - air-flown 3 times a week. They are one of the rare suppliers who sell male crabs at the size of 300g and female crabs at 200g, which means more of the creamy sweet roe and milt hairy crabs are known for. They are offering free islandwide delivery along with the best price for Live hairy crabs in Singapore. The online shop is selling the crabs at a discounted retail price and now you can enjoy their crab with our wines!

For more info, visit: hairycrabdelivery.sg

The Sebastien Dampt - Chablis Bundle

750 ml - Standard Bottle


    The Karku - Nocturno Bundle

    750 ml - Standard Bottle


      The Famille Perrin Bundle

      750 ml - Standard Bottle


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