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[CLOSED] Librandi Masterclass - Three Generations of Passion for Wine | 13 Oct 2023

Tenuta by Park90

Librandi's Masterclass takes you on a journey through generations of winemaking history. For three generations, the Librandi family has passionately cultivated their vineyards in Eastern Calabria, a region once known as 'Enotria Tellus,' or 'Land of Wine.' Calabria is still one of Italy's least developed regions, and modern winemaking techniques have only recently been adopted. Librandi are a notable exception to this, and it was in the 1950s that Raffaele Librandi and his two sons, Antonio and Nicodemo, decided to modernise their family vineyards. Uncover with us the untold stories of Calabrian enology that are just waiting to be told!


Event Details

Date: Friday, 13 October 2023
Time: 5.30PM - 6.30PM
Location: Tenuta by Park90, InterContinental Singapore
Ticket Fee: $38 nett per pax

Guest Speaker: Raffaele Librandi


Featured Bottles

  1. Librandi, "Segno Librandi" Cirò Bianco DOC 2022
  2. Librandi, "Efeso" Calabria Bianco IGT 2021
  3. Librandi, "Segno Librandi" Cirò Rosato DOC 2022
  4. Librandi, "Duca Sanfelice" Cirò Riserva Rosso Classico Sup. DOC 2019
  5. Librandi, "Megonio" Calabria Rosso IGT 2020
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