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NV Tesseron - Miniatures Packs with Lot No. 29, Lot No. 53, Lot No. 76, Lot No. 90 (5cl each) Cognac (200 ml)

200 ml
Colour : Amber
Producer : Tesseron
Label Name : Miniatures Packs with Lot No. 29, Lot No. 53, Lot No. 76, Lot No. 90 (5cl each) Cognac
Country : France
Region : Cognac
Vintage : NV
Capacity : 200 ml
Rating :

Lot No. 29 (RP100 - Robert Parker Wine Advocate)

Lot No. 53 - (RP98 - Robert Parker Wine Advocate, WE96 - Wine Enthusiast)

Lot No. 76 - (WE95 - Wine Enthusiast)

Tasting Note :

Lot No. 29 - The Tesseron family released tiny quantities of single vintage Cognacs. Although French law does not permit a vintage date to be used, this is all from 1929, and is very limited in availability. I'm not an expert on Cognac, but anything this smooth, silky, potent, and aromatic, is truly great stuff. It is about as ethereal Cognac as anyone could ever hope to drink. (Hedonist's Gazette)

Lot No. 53 - They released small quantities of Lot 29 (1929), which remains the most ethereal Cognac I have ever tasted. I’m no expert, but their newest release, the 1953, seems close in quality to the 1929. Slightly darker than the 1929, the 1953 is pure silk, which at this alcohol level is very dangerous indeed. The complex aromatics can fill a room. (Hedonist's Gazette)

Lot No. 76 - The bouquet includes delicate fragrances of spice, sesame seed, light oak, pineapple, light toffee and brown sugar. The palate entry is elegant and moderately sweet; at midpalate there are flavors of ripe pear, white grapes, cake frosting, oloroso Sherry, orange peel and dark honey. Ends up sweet, satiny and long in the throat. P.P.

Lot No. 90 - This is the "youngest" in the Tesseron collection of cognacs, but even still it is gets an XO designation as the eaux-de-vie are at least 10 years of age. The grapes used for this bottling are ugni blanc which hail from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Fins Bois. Lot No. 90 was formerly known as XO Selection, but has undergone a name change to XO Ovation.

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