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Domaine Cassagne et Vitailles

Languedoc, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Astute, complex and uncompromisingly regal, the rouge wines of Cassagne et Vitailles are the progeny of the heart of Languedoc's french men, much like the two men who sprung them from a bud of a childhood dream and the hard work till of their homeland. Matthieu Rollin and Nicolas Seffusatti spent years joined at the hip, with a wild dream in mind and an ambition to reflect the truth of the Languedoc terroirs--and they have, through their wines, painted the ending of their story together, bringing everyone on a wild ride through the soils of France with each tender sip.

Cassagne et Vitailles continues to convey perhaps what was and is the most important message out of all to everyone that puts their wine to savour within their lips--that like the tenacity of their fine grounds of France, they are and will all here, steadfastly and reliably, to stay.

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