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Domaine Claude Dugat

In Cote de Nuits, France, a family-run winery toils with a genuine heart together in the company of their natural small berries. Naturally produced from vines through the control of vigour, Claude Dugat may produce raw materials of a deliberately smaller size than that of usual--but definitely not products that are any less than any of their other winery counterparts. Constructed as a tiny Domaine with both the status and quality to match, Claude Dugat produces their wines with an air of quaint yet unique superiority. 
Savoury yet Classic, it is one of the most sought after wines and highly rated wines from various important critics. 
Each wine is reminiscent of the tales of their experience, even from Gallo-Roman times. Like an honest tale of a life you hear from others, you meet in a bar, these unusually rich, concentrated Pinot Noirs speak of vibrance in their youth, built to age into their intense depth and silkiness upon the palate once aged like men (or women), into an older age of maturity.

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