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Kvetna 1794 Auirga Universal Glass 540ml (Box of 2)

Kvetna 1794


Founded in 1794, the Kvetna Glassworks is one of the longest running wine stemware manufacturers in the Czech Republic. At its peak in the early 1900s, the Kvetna Glassworks had showrooms and warehouses in London, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg and its decorated table glassware was exported to the USA, Africa, Australia, Middle East and Europe and the name is truly a hallmark of quality and is sought after on world markets. After the division of both plants in 2020 due to the sale of the group, a new company was established, Cerva Bohemia and subsequently KVĚTNÁ 1794, which are currently the operator of the glassworks in Květná.


The Auriga Universal glass has been designed with the help of leading winemakers to be suitable for both white and red wines of different varieties. Make it easy for you to choose when tasting. The Auriga range of handcrafted glasses will allow you to release even the most delicate aromas of your favourite wines.

The composition of our glass melt, from which the clear glass is melted, contains titanium. Titanium makes each piece of clear glass much harder and more durable while maintaining the same flexibility and lightness!

HEIGHT: 235mm

VOLUME: 540 ml

BOX SET: Box of 2 glasses

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