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Vincent Latour: Crafting Burgundian Elegance Since 1792
11 Oct

Vincent Latour: Crafting Burgundian Elegance Since 1792

Founded in 1792, the Latour family has been an enduring presence in the world of winemaking, particularly renowned for crafting exceptional white wines, notably the esteemed Meursault. The legacy continued with Vincent Latour, who assumed the reins in 1998 alongside his mother, leading to the establishment of Domaine Jean LATOUR LABILLE ET FILS.

Vincent's journey into winemaking became a family affair when his wife, Cécile, joined in 2004 after acquiring her BPREA at the CFPPA in Beaune. The estate expanded its reach, embracing prestigious appellations like Pommard, St Aubin village, 1er cru les Frionnes, Volnay, Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot, Meursault Village, Narvaux, and Pellans.

The evolution continued in 2008 with the creation of "Maison Vincent Latour," a trading company, enriching the range with Puligny Montrachet, Chassagne Montrachet les Benoîtes, St Romain, Corton Charlemagne, and Meursault 1er Cru Genévrières. In 2011, Vincent and Cécile rebranded the estate as DOMAINE VINCENT LATOUR, marking a significant transition.

In 2019, the estate embarked on transformative changes, constructing three new cellars and a vat house to enhance wine quality and streamline the team's efforts, reflecting their commitment to continuous improvement.

Vincent Latour's journey is deeply rooted in the terroir of Burgundy, where the family has cultivated vines since 1792. The domaine covers a total of nine hectares, with prime holdings in Meursault and additional vineyards in Volnay, Pommard, Chassagne-Montrachet, and St Aubin. A testament to their dedication, grape purchases supplement the estate's fruit, adding an extra three to four hectares to their repertoire.

Vincent's approach strikes a harmonious balance, capturing the essence of traditional Meursault richness while infusing a modern touch. The stylistic choice embraces sucrosity and ripeness, preserving freshness and tension in the wines. This versatility appeals to both traditional and contemporary palates.

Vincent Latour's winemaking journey commenced in 1998, marked by a pivotal decision to bottle the entire production, departing from the practice of selling grapes. His meticulous craftsmanship extends to 8 hectares of vineyards, predominantly planted with Chardonnay (7ha) and Pinot Noir (1.7ha).

Several enhancements characterise Vincent's winemaking evolution. Notably, the introduction of whole cluster fermentation, integration of demi-muids and foudres, and an extended elevage process. Native yeasts play a pivotal role in fermentation, fostering the distinctiveness of the estate's wines.

A judicious mix of used and new demi-muids and barrels shapes the aging process, providing nuanced control over oak influence. In the vineyard, lutte raisonée methods guide their work, emphasising sustainability and respect for the land.

Vincent Latour has carved a niche in the Burgundy landscape, gaining recognition and accolades, including nominations as "Winemaker of the Year" and "The Best Young Winemaker." Noteworthy achievements include a transformation from Latour-Labille to Domaine Vincent Latour in 2011, signalling a new era.

The estate's uniqueness lies in its commitment to continuous improvement, as evidenced by the construction of new cellars and a vat house in 2019. Vincent's approach, marked by whole cluster fermentation, longer elevage, and the use of larger casks for freshness, imparts a signature freshness and minerality to the wines.

Intriguingly, the domaine balances tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of Meursault's heritage while embracing contemporary tastes. The appeal extends beyond the wines, with Cécile's charming Gîte de France providing a scenic retreat, epitomising the warmth and hospitality of Domaine Vincent Latour.

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