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FAQs | Acker Inaugural Auction of Fine & Rare Wines & Spirits Singapore
04 Oct

FAQs | Acker Inaugural Auction of Fine & Rare Wines & Spirits Singapore

Inspection, Provenance and Returns

Can you provide details about the storage conditions?
Whenever collections come to Acker, our Consignment and Inspection Teams take substantial and extensive measures to ensure proper provenance, not only through physical conditioning and inspection, but by sampling bottles from collections, particularly in the case of new consignors. As Acker usually does not hold title to the property consigned in an auction, each prospective consignor is obligated to provide detailed record of the property’s ownership and storage history. Collections that do not meet our rigid standards, for any reason, are rejected. For questions regarding any collection in our auctions, email

Are there any guarantees or warranties on the authenticity of the wine? What are the criteria for the acceptance of property into an auction?

The confidence of our clients is of paramount importance to Acker as an organization, and our inspection process, perhaps the most robust in the industry, reflects that commitment. In addition to obligating sellers to produce storage and provenance information, Acker employs expert authenticators who adhere to stringent and rigid inspection protocols by physically examining capsules, corks, color, labels, sediment, and even microscopic imaging to determine authenticity. If needed, we also collaborate with third-party experts and authenticators.

Should a legitimate issue arise regarding authenticity, Acker will take back the property no questions asked on any unopened bottles and refund the client accordingly. Please refer to the Conditions of Sale for complete details.


What is your return policy if the customer is not satisfied with the condition of the wine?
All property in the auction catalog is available for inspection prior to an auction, and any prospective buyer may request a physical inspection or photos to examine the condition of property over and above what is recorded in the catalog lot description. If a lot is catalogued incorrectly or determined to be unsound, Acker will accept a return of any unopened bottles within 90 days of the auction after completing its own re-evaluation. Please review the Conditions of Sale for full details.

Can you provide references or testimonials from satisfied buyers?

Acker has been the global industry leader in fine wine and spirits auctions across two decades, commanding over 35% of the global market share. While we maintain strict confidentiality over the identity of our buyers and sellers, (a commonly held auction standard related to privacy), should you have specific questions, please contact and we will gladly pursue the information you seek within the proper confines.

You may find full details about the terms & conditions of Singapore auction here
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