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Frescobaldi: Italian Winemakers With 700-Years of History
02 Mar

Frescobaldi: Italian Winemakers With 700-Years of History

Frescobaldi is one of the most important producers in Tuscany, having been recently awarded as "Italian Winery of the Year" in 2020 by Gambero Rosso. The Frescobaldi family has been producing Tuscan wine for over 700 years, becoming a reference point for the region. Their wines have even been supplied to the English king, Henry VIII, who reportedly considered it his favorite wine. Today, the family continues this legacy, with Lamberto Frescobaldi, the 30th generation, leading the Maison. He combines traditional and modern techniques to improve the quality of their wines, while still preserving the terroir of the Tuscan wine region.

Cultivating Toscana Diversity

The Frescobaldi estates in Tuscany are a true representation of the essence of Italian winemaking. Each estate tells its own unique story through its natural surroundings, the terroir, and the people who make it all happen. Whether it's the Tenuta Castiglioni where the family's wine-growing history began, the super Tuscan Castello Nipozzano, or CastelGiocondo on the Montalcino hills, every estate offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Wines that celebrates life's little pleasures 

Frescobaldi wines are not just any ordinary wines; they embody the essence of Tuscan life, offering a kaleidoscope of aromas and sensations that spring from each vineyard's unique terroir. They are a true celebration of the joy of life's little pleasures and the pleasures of flavors and tastes.

As a result, they have been awarded the prestigious AgriQualità certification from the Region of Tuscany, which recognizes their use of ecologically sustainable farming techniques that are compatible with protecting the natural environment. Frescobaldi wines are a treasure trove of knowledge and tradition, and the company sees it as their duty to share their passion with future generations.

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