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Nervi Conterno: The Unmatched Legend of Piedmont
05 Jul

Nervi Conterno: The Unmatched Legend of Piedmont

Historic Roots in Gattinara

Nervi-Conterno Winery carries a storied history that dates back to its foundation in 1906 by Italo Nervi, making it the oldest cantina in Gattinara, a renowned wine appellation in Piedmont, Italy. The winery's roots run even deeper, as many of its vineyards have been in the Nervi family for centuries, with mentions dating as far back as the 15th century. Gattinara itself holds great significance as a winemaking region, known for producing some of the purest expressions of Nebbiolo, the noble grape variety of Piedmont. Gattinara was awarded DOC status in 1967 and upgraded to the prestigious DOCG status in 1990, recognizing the exceptional quality and reputation of its wines.

Roberto Conterno's Attraction to Gattinara

The allure of Gattinara's terroir, history, and the Nebbiolo grape drew the attention of Roberto Conterno, a respected winemaker and the third-generation descendant of the Conterno family, renowned for their exceptional Barolo wines. Roberto had already earned a reputation for crafting the benchmark Barolo Monfortino Riserva and expanding the family's estate in Serralunga d'Alba. However, the opportunity to venture outside of Barolo and acquire the historic Nervi estate in Gattinara, a DOCG-designated region, proved irresistible to him.

A Union of Legacies and Expertise

In 2018, Roberto Conterno took ownership of Nervi Winery, bringing his passion for Nebbiolo and his relentless pursuit of excellence to this esteemed estate. This milestone was symbolized by the introduction of a new logo: NERVI-CONTERNO, signifying the union of the Nervi legacy and Roberto Conterno's winemaking expertise. With his profound respect for tradition and commitment to quality, Roberto aims to preserve the classic winemaking style that Nervi Winery has been known for, while also infusing it with his own mastery and meticulous approach.

Preserving Gattinara's Terroir

Under Roberto Conterno's guidance, Nervi-Conterno Winery continues to craft exceptional wines that showcase the unique terroir of Gattinara, a terroir that has been recognized with the prestigious DOCG status. From their flagship Gattinara wine to the single-vineyard bottlings such as Gattinara Molsino and Gattinara Valferana, the wines of Nervi-Conterno undergo traditional methods, including extended fermentations and aging in neutral Slovenian oak botti. Through this union of history, terroir, and the winemaking expertise of Roberto Conterno, Nervi-Conterno Winery aims to elevate the reputation of Gattinara and contribute to its ongoing legacy as a producer of world-class Nebbiolo wines.


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