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Cantina Terlano: Sustainable Vineyards and Unique Terroir
02 Mar

Cantina Terlano: Sustainable Vineyards and Unique Terroir

Cantina Terlano, located in the Middle Adige Valley of Italy's South Tyrol region, has a history dating back to 1893. At that time, a group of 24 winegrowers joined together to form a cooperative that would allow them to share their resources and knowledge. Today, the cooperative includes more than 200 winegrowers, and Cantina Terlano has become one of the most respected producers in the region. Their focus on sustainable vineyard management and their commitment to producing wines that express the unique character of the Terlano terroir has earned them a loyal following among wine lovers worldwide.


Vineyard Cultivated in Harmony With Nature

The region of Terlano is known for its small-plot vineyards, which are managed meticulously to produce wines of exceptional quality. The steep sites and mineral-rich soils provide ideal growing conditions for the grapes. The climate of Terlano is also favourable for viticulture, with the region benefiting from its location on the same latitude as Burgundy. The vineyards of Terlano are cultivated in harmony with nature, with a focus on preserving the health of the soils and avoiding the use of herbicides. This attention to detail allows the full potential of the Terlano sites to be expressed in the wines.

Magnificent Wines that Capture the Terlano Terroir

Cantina Terlano produces a range of wines that are true expressions of the Terlano terroir. The winery is known for its white wines, which are characterized by their purity, minerality, and longevity. The Terlano Pinot Bianco, in particular, has earned a reputation as one of Italy's finest white wines. The cooperative also produces exceptional red wines, including Lagrein and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are known for their elegance, complexity, and balance. For those seeking a taste of the Terlano terroir, a bottle of Cantina Terlano wine is a must-try.

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Yee Wei Low, Wine Educator at Park90 shares about Cantina Terlano.

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